Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More photo story examples

Example 2

I) Show 5 minute footage of us doing experiment (or could use actual “Brainiacs” TV show)
II) provide students with 50-or so still photos from the footage
III) Provide students with a bubble-budget for speech bubbles, annotations, etc.
IV) Task is to create a photo-story that

1. Explains what was done so that it could be reproduced by someone else
2. Conveys the finding of the experiment
3. Discusses any general principles shown


After this primer, in the next session students could conduct experiments and record their work using a video camera/phone/etc. and would be in a good position to use the ComicLife software to create a photo-story to describe their work.

Example 3:

As for example 2, but instead the teacher demonstrates the experiment etc. and the media taken at the time is used for photo-story creation in ComicLife. This eliminates a quantity of student work in lesson. The photo-story is then created using ComicLife in the next ICT lab slot or as homework.

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