Monday, April 6, 2009

Data collected

Here is a list of data collected during the e-Science Usability project

23 Apr 2007
In-school science observation, Sussex

19 June 2007
E-Science Exchange meeting with teachers, Univ. of Sussex

21 Jun 2007
In-school science observation, Sussex

23 June 2007
Teachers' meeting, London Knowledge Lab, recorded with audio

28 June 2007
In-school science observation, Sussex

June 2007
Trip planning chat with teacher David Daniels.

20 July 2007
In-school science observation of Nicky Halstead class, Hove Park, includes trip planning interview

1 Aug 2007
Trip planning: 1 hour 20 min discussion with David Daniels re:

10 Aug 2007
Wind: 30 min. chat with David Daniels

14 Aug 2007
Mobile Missions Trials, Nottingham: Video, audio (iPod interviews), still pictures, SMS timestamps and logs, Moodle logs

20 Aug 2007
trip planning: Interview with Peter Passaro on prototype

29 Aug 2007
Windmill trials: 4 kids trial session with us and D.D. video, photos, audio , bit of paper

30 Aug 2007
Trip planning: audio of Jo Bell interview

20 Sept 2007
Trip planning: Attended science centre school trip with Sarah (org by DD)

26 Sept 2007
Trip planning Session with Helen Gaiger. HS notes, video, audio

24 Feb 2008
Wind: Brighton Science festival. Milan audio on iPod and video tape, couple of iPod ints by Judith on audio, worksheets, flickr photos, photos, blog posts, google analytics.

27 Feb 2008
Lesson observation: Nicky Halstead, Electricity. Notes plus a few photos of resources

10 Mar 2008
Wind: Teachers' Event in science week iPod recordings on 3 iPods, 2 Video tapes, notes, Flickr photos, photos, RCUK questionnaires from participants and presenters

15 Mar 2008
Wind: Public Event in Science Week, Brighton: iPod recordings, 2 videos, photos by HS and GF, flickr photos and blogs.

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