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Curriculum links

Activities & resources for Key Stage 3 and 4 (UK) science curriculum topics

Applications and implications
(KS3.1.2 and KS4.1.4)

BioEthics Education Project
website and virtual learning environment for secondary school science teachers and their students

Physics & Ethics Education Project
physics and ethics in GCSE Science courses

Biology/organisms and health

(KS3.3.3 and KS4.2.1)
Solving puzzles/folding proteins for scientists

Journal of Visualised Experiments
Videos with Biological Science focus

Science Supremo
Students take on the role of scientists working in modern drug development, taking a new drug through clinical trials to assess its effectiveness in treating tuberculosis

Chemical and material behaviour
(KS3.3.2 and KS4.2.2)

Scientist video diaries about nanotechnology

(KS3.2.3 and KS4.1.3)

Scientist video diaries about nanotechnology

Videos made by and for scientists

Energy, electricity, forces and radiation
(KS3.3.1 and KS4.2.3)

Centre for Alternative Technology
has a windfarm interactive and other related downloadable resource guides

Energy hungry gadgets
News item about how energy saving is being compromised by love for gadgets. Graph comparing TV running costs at bottom of page.

the online olympics pitting human creativity against machine learning in a competition to design robots that race over 2D terrains

UK wind strength map
A site to view what the wind speed is around the UK

Wind Power (7 Activities)
Propeller Design, Building a Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine, Building a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, Calculating the Efficiency of Turbine Blades, Calculating the Efficiency of Turbine Generators, Measuring Wind Speed, Building a Data-Logging Anemometer

Wind with Miller
Kids' site by Danish wind power assn. with how-to's and other educational material.

Environment, Earth and universe
(KS3.3.4 and KS4.2.4)

Digital Library for Earth System Education
distributed community effort involving educators, students, and scientists working together to improve the quality, quantity, and efficiency of teaching and learning about the Earth system at all levels

Eagles and wind farms
news story about Golden eagles threatened by wind farm

Earth Learning Idea
Earth-related Activities

Encyclopedia of Life
US project that allows people to access and contribute to a Biology and species web resource collection

How Science Works: Chasing the Wind
Teacher TV video: Dr Maggie Aderin leads a team launching an instrument into space to read wind patterns, in order to help assess the impact of climate change.

International Polar Year
a large scientific programme focused on the Arctic and the Antarctic from March 2007 to March 2009.

Sea surface temperatures
live sensor data

Understanding Climate Change
multimedia gallery from US Natl Centre for Atmospheric Research
allows anyone to submit photos, text for every square km of Great Britain

General science

Archaeology in Schools
Some resources on archaeology summer schools by Tim Vickers of Cambridge

Camden Out of School Learning
includes various science projects

Futures Channel
Videos of real world examples for teaching resources. This example shows wind farms and the scientists talk about the skills required by the people who work in wind energy.

How Science Works - An Introduction
Teacher TV video: An overview of the Key Stage 4 How Science Works programme of study, broken up into the following four areas. * data, evidence, theories and explanations * practical and enquiry skills * communication skills * applications and implications

How Science Works: In The Classroom
Teacher TV video: King Edward VII School in Sheffield try out some of the activities connected to the Secondary Science: How Science Works programmes

Nation's Favourite Experiment
The British Academy filmed a selection of popular, eye-catching experiments that you might come across at home, school or on TV and asked people to take a quick look at the short clips and vote online

STEM science directory
Has local and national science activities in all curriculum subjects

Videos made by and for scientists

Science Across the World
Schools collaboration web site: "Exploring science locally - sharing science globally".

Squashed Frogs
Site suggestion from a science teacher in Brighton and Hove for teaching resources of science at KS3, 4, 5

videos for teachers' use

Top 10 Chemistry, Biology, and Physics Videos
List of YouTube videos compiled by Wired magazine

Try Science
Flash based Science Education Resources

activities, reviews, breaking science; includes a section called 'difficult and dull'.

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