Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Participatory science learning design checklist

Aim, learning objectives and/or other motivations for the activity
What age ranges/kinds of learners is the activity suitable for?
How does the activity build on learners' current knowledge/other learning?
How will learners be assessed?
How does the activity fit curriculum requirements?
What time period will the activity take place over? How many sessions, etc..
Where will the activity take place (may be multiple locations)?
What are the constraints imposed by these locations? (e.g. School and other institutional rules and regulations, health and safety, noise, restrictions on: access to Internet, equipment, behaviour etc…)
What equipment and other resources are required for the activity?
Where and how can these resource can be accessed/acquired?
Who needs to be involved in the activity? (teachers, technicians, outside experts, others)
How can these people be recruited/involved/motivated to participate?
What are the desired relationships between the people and learners involved in your design and how can the formation of these relationships be supported?
What other practical difficulties can you see in implementing your activity plan - e.g. training requirements, cost, ethics, risk assessment, discipline, etc...? How might these be overcome?
How will you assess the success of your activity?

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