Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Participatory science learning design prompts

Experimentation -Does your idea involve learners in:
Hypothesis formation? Experimental design? Data collection?
Data analysis? Reporting & reflecting on their experimental activity?

Do learners share data, methods, tools, opinions, reports?
Is this sharing motivated & significant? How? Why?
Is the amount of sharing enabling learning (by students and/or teachers
and/or scientists) beyond what would usually be possible?

Connections -Does the activity link:
school science to science in the real world?
to the learner's world and interests?
to other learning across the curriculum?
to informal and/or out of school learning?
to prior and future learning opportunities?

Are learners motivated to collaborate?
Are other learners, not normally accessible within the school, involved?
Are outside experts involved? Are out of school people (zoo keepers,
museum workers, parents/friends/etc…) involved?
Are these collaborations motivated? Are the collaborators motivated?

Participation -Are learners:
participating in real world science research?
engaging with current issues in science?
contributing to the learning of others (e.g. Scientists, other learners)?

Is ICT use motivated and appropriate?e.g:
Handheld and remote devices and sensors used to facilitate data capture?
Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality/Simulation tools used to make the
invisible visible or to represent difficult concepts?
Collaboration tools enabling larger scale data sharing, communication
beyond the classroom, etc.
Is technology enabling otherwise difficult or impossible learning activity?

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