Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Example teacher profile

The following profile presents an example profile and scenario for trip planning.

Name: Mr Miller
Age: 34
Teaching experience: 10 years at a secondary school

Mr Miller is a biology teacher. He has been working at a secondary school for ten years. During his studies at the University he used a computer for data analysis. In his first few years as a teacher he did all his organisational work on paper. When the school introduced free laptops for the teachers, Mr Miller took part in one week training on how to use his laptop. He likes the ideas of administering all his papers on his laptop, but sometimes he is annoyed, because he cannot perform all his tasks on the laptop. For planning trips or activities, he still has got to fill in a lot of forms handwritten.

Concept video of the second Power Point prototype

Two scenarios: normal flow, based on the information provided by the teachers and new flow supported by the Authoring System for teachers

Prototypes were created depending on the findings during the events and actions undertaken as part of the E-Science Usability project, to design the prototypes as usable as possible some constraints were followed:
  • “Help” and “Save” were always placed at the same location on the screen
  • Change of background colour for the change from read to write mode
  • Different groups of functions are clearly separated by a tab-based navigation
  • The system eliminates obstacles before the teachers are confronted by them (dates)

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