Monday, April 20, 2009

My Mobile Mission (M3)

My Mobile Mission (M3) was an outdoor treasure hunt designed to allow children to explore sustainable energy technologies on an eco-friendly university campus (Nottingham University’s Jubilee campus). The treasure hunt was experienced by students aged 10-12, working in small groups independently from each other, to solve clues and discuss potential findings. The experience was mediated through text messages between each group and base-station researchers, with a second mobile phone used by each group to capture photographic evidence for each solution which was uploaded to a website. This evidence was available instantly on the web through the OOKL web site, and students edited and reflected upon the media they’d collected when back in the classroom.

Technology used

  • Mobile phone using SMS to structure the activity by sending clues;
  • Mobile phone using OOKL used to record activity and capture images and descriptions related to solving the treasure hunt;
  • Mobile used to submit solutions to treasure hunt clues;
  • Online media gallery (OOKL) used to structure media resources into a narrative of activity, for reflection and reporting.

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