Monday, April 20, 2009

Scenario – new flow using an interactive trip planner

Mr Miller, a biology teacher, wants to go on a trip with his class. He first checks the topics in the curriculum for the next few weeks. The functionality of a waste water treatment plant would fit together with to induction of the new plant not far away. Fortunately there is already a hint in his Mobile Mission Trip Planning Tool saying that the waste water plant is happy to invite school classes to visit the facility and to talk to one of their experts. The plants consent form for visitors and an interactive map of the nature trails with GPS information is already deposited for teachers.

Mr Miller enters his wish date, the number of people, and his five aims (guided tour, expert interview, nature trail, time to play, lunch nearby) in the systems inquiry form and dispatches it. The plant replies two days later, confirms Mr Millers wish date and suggest tow appointments: a 2 two hours guided tour at 10am and 2 hours time with their waste water expert at noon or at 3pm. Mr Miller chooses the 3 o’clock appointment. In the meantime the pupils are invited to explore the trails and to have lunch in the staff canteen.

Using the System’s integrated features Mr Miller informs his headmaster about his planning. After the headmaster’s approval and the accreditation of £150 out of the schools budget, the System automatically informs the parents via email and forwards the plants consent form and opens a new trip object for Mr Miller. The trip object already includes all the information Mr Miller has entered in the inquiry form.

Mr Miller now creates a tour with guide-object, expert-interview-object, trail-object, play-object, and lunch-object. He specifies the objects’ attributes and puts them in the right order. Since the System knows the time schedule after Mr Miller’s release of the trip it asks automatically for offers from the local coach companies, recruits two more teachers and informs the parents about the trip’s schedule and the advices Mr Miller had specified before.

On the next day Mr Miller gets four offers from local coach companies and can decide for the best offer and confirm it. The System creates all necessary reminders in Mr Miller’s personal diary and he can concentrate on the planning for the nature trails. The System has imported the interactive map for Mr Miller. He may know pick out certain spots and create questions related to this spot for his pupils. If the pupils pass by a spot with their mobile phones they get a message with the question or the task.

On the next day in class they can transfer their answers directly to the teacher’s laptop or the whiteboard. Besides Mr Miller’s questions are all put together in an information paper into which the best answers from the pupils can be added after the trip. As soon as the paper is complete, it is forwarded as PDF to the pupils to keep it for repeating and learning for tests.
Mr Miller’s colleagues and other teachers using the Mobile Mission Trip Planning Tool can now view Mr Miller’s trip and reuse his planning for their own trips. After reusing a trip it is possible to rate the trip and the provided material.

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